#325 – impossible

flowing through my hands

impossible to hold on

this moment in time



Filed under haiku, haiku heights, senryu

13 responses to “#325 – impossible

  1. magicalmysticalteacher

    I find it frustrating that we can’t hold on to THIS moment! 🙂

  2. but if you wrote about it, then you have held on to it….so it wasn’t impossible

  3. Brilliant!!! Probably the only thing really impossible ~~

  4. Hold on a bit more! But it has flowed through. Impossible indeed.

  5. Excellent use of prompt. Great Haiku.


  6. WoW! What a thought, if only we could stop time!

  7. I really like your haiku and the images it evokes – time flowing = perfect

  8. wonderful truth. sad but just cant be changed.

  9. A lovely haiku.
    There are times when you wish you could just freeze time.

  10. Beautiful and well said!! Time and tide waits for no one!!

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