#370 – handled

handled carefully

sorted by color in jars

abused by ocean



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15 responses to “#370 – handled

  1. I love collecting them and yes, they are ‘handled carefully’

  2. love this,

    I can visualize the motions in your words, well done.


  3. I love collecting and sorting them by color. Great haiku!

  4. I enjoyed reading this haiku, which reminded me of my childhood days at the beach!

  5. i love haiku! yours is a fun read…..thanks for sharing.

  6. 😦 sad depiction as I love the Ocean, I can’t blame the mother for anything, lol
    enjoy the rally!!!


  7. A wonderful haiku – though I’m the type to mix up the colours, I’m a rebel 😛 haha. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Here’s mine for the rally: You’ve Taken My Voice

  8. I love collecting treasures at the beach … and I handle them so carefully … ironic, since the pounding of the ocean’s tide does not!! Amazing what is found ~~ Nicely crafted haiku!!

  9. This is a stunning blog with some gorgeous haikus.. so I’ve just nominated you for the next Poetry Palace Award.. namaste & ciao!!

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