#492- Thank you- it is my first anniversary!

in January 2011,  my world slipped into chaos and I fell out of balance

 in February 2011, I received a second blow that I did not know how to handle so I started to blog

early last May I started this blog because I was lost

writing haiku and senryu has helped to give me back some sense of control and order

perhaps it is the history, the connected feelings I have when I write, or simply the carefully counted syllables

it is now May 2012 I am still a little lost, the path I had chosen has been obliterated and my carefully orchestrated life is no more

I am grateful

this has been one of the best years I have ever “lived” because I have really lived

I am grateful to anyone who has ever read or commented on this blog

Thank you

I am grateful to the communities I have discovered through this blog

Thank you



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2 responses to “#492- Thank you- it is my first anniversary!

  1. A Walk In My Heart

    Congratulations on your 1st anniversary of blogging. May you continue to inspire others on your healing journey. It’s only through pain and the cracks that the light can enter, if you allow it.

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