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green against blue wall

bamboo, lotus and palm frond 

line the bathroom wall 



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#517- Guest Post – My son

(Bear with me – it’s my blog and I’m having a Mommy moment)

Recently my son (who just turned eight) began a poetry unit at school and he proudly told his class that his Mommy is a poet she used to be a teacher, but now she’s a poet – so he wrote his poems for me (sigh ¬†~ bestill my heart)

Here they are (I’m so proud of him!!!)


(Mommy’s ¬†favorite color)

Green is the feeling of a spring day

Green is the taste of a ripe star fruit

Green is the scent of a burnt candle

Green is the sound of leaves falling

Green looks like nature

Green is the air to breath


worms making soil

bees sucking nectar from plants

days feel like long years

Time Travel

going back in time

years, months, days, minutes, seconds

long ago , the past


buying properties

building houses and hotels

winning and losing


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