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#589- loneliness

setting sun lights waves

loneliness of seagull’s call

evening at the beach



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#576- propped

kitten stretches tall

standing in propped side window

hunting small brown moths

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#572- Hot, Hot, Hot

hot August garden

yellow, green chile peppers

lean on marigolds


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tiny cantaloupe

 green, egg-shaped  in the garden

growing toward the sun

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#547- ball

ball of fire above

baking sidewalks, scorching lawns

mid July morning

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#536- fragmented

fragmented sunlight

breaks through clouds well past daybreak

weak and fleeting rays

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#526- the summer of… (self- reflective free verse)

As summer vacation rapidly approaches we are hurriedly wrapping up baseball, 2nd grade and hopefully chilly days.

This has been quite a year for us, tumultuous but good.

We have learned more about ourselves as a family, a man, woman and now an eight year-old boy.

We have learned more about what matters to us and who matters to us.

We have learned more about our wishes and hopes for our future and our day-to-day lives.

We have learned about where we want to live (not 100% sure yet) and about what we want to do ( not 100% sure yet)

We have learned that summer is always good and have decided that this will be the summer of…..

Summer 2012  – the summer of…

The summer of…  NOT dragging my child to this camp or that when all he really wants to do is stay home and play

The summer of… Stuart Smalley- say it with me  “Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggonit, people like me!”

The summer of… NOT spending time with people I don’t like

The summer of… spending the day at the beach and NOT feeling guilty because I am not being useful

The summer of… homemade “camps” that my boy is interested in and excited about

The summer of…realizing that time spent enjoying myself is not wasted

The summer of… saying “Who cares about the Joneses (SP?)”

The summer of… eating ALL the food I grow in my garden and not letting it go to waste

The summer of… shutting out the noisy world and exchanging it for play and time spent in the backyard with my husband, son, dog, cat and parents

The summer of… all three of us “camping” in the backyard

The summer of… departing from the beaten path and making our own

The summer of… reading whole books aloud with my boy (a habit we lost over the school year)

The summer of… traveling to places we have talked about for years

The summer of… peace, and letting go and family bike rides

The summer of… fun and possibility – because that is always what summer means to me

I wish for all to have their very own version of the summer of…

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